COMITS Email Manager (CEM):

Bulk mass mailing was not so much easier before. CEM is much easy to control and manage for everyone. Here are just 4 simple steps.

  • Upload your Email list
  • Design your Email
  • Send your Email|
  • Analyze your Email statistics like (Open, Bounced, unsubscribed)

Email Marketing is a reliable cost effective way to bring increased business to your company or website. Finding new customers and keep in contact with existing customers, email marketing is the only affordable solution.

But its only if you have right service provider otherwise you will loose the money.We are one of the very few companies that provide you with a rock solid and reliable bulk email service in the industry.
Try our bellow plans to send out emails using any desktop or hosted mailing software without using your computer or server ip.

Shared Mail Server

Emails Per Month
Price USD
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Plan 1
Plan 2
Plan 3
Plan 4
1000000 [1 Million]
Plan 5
3000000 [3 Millions]
Plan 6

Dedicated Mail Server

If you are willing to send more than 100000 emails daily or millions of emails daily then you should choose our dedicated mail servers which will allows you to send 100000s of emails per hour aprox/unlimited emails per month. Plus you will get free mailing software pre installed in server using which you can import your contact lists, create html or text campaigns and then send those campaigns to one or more lists and after that software will give you interactive stats i.e. how many opened, bounced, unsusbcribed etc.. So waiting for what? Order Now you own dedicated bulk smtp server and enjoy unlimited mailings every month Now.

  1. 4 Dedicated IP
  2. Unlimited SMTP/POP accounts.
  3. rDNS.
  4. Domain Keys.
  5. SPF Records.
  6. Send your messages in both Text and HTML format.
  7. Your ISP won’t see that you are sending out bulk email!
  8. All email broadcasting is routed through our bulk email servers and bandwidth – not yours.
  9. Gets email delivered directly from your PC into your recipient’s mailbox without using your ISP’s e-mail server resources!
  10. Broadcast your bulk email marketing campaigns anytime from any location in the world.
  11. Port 25 ISP not required (not affected by port 25 blocking issues).
  12. No long term contracts.
  13. Reliability and 100% Bulk Friendly Guaranteed!
  14. 24/7 Support Phone, Email, Ticket and Live Chat.
  15. No hourly or daily limit!!
  16. 24-48 hours Required to Setup the server.

Order Now you own dedicated bulk smtp server and enjoy unlimited mailings every month Now.

Plan A Plan B Plan C Plan D Plan E
Processor Single Processor Dual-Core Processors Quad-Core Processors Corei7 Processors w/HT AMD Athlon II Quad-Core 4x 2.3 GHz
Memory 1 GB RAM 2 GB RAM 8 GB RAM 8 GB RAM 16 GB RAM
Hard Drive 80 GB IDE 250 GB SATA 1 TB SATA 1 TB SATA 2×1500 GB SATA RAID 1
PHP/MYSQL Enabled Enabled Enabled Enabled Enabled
Bandwidth 5000 GB/month 5000 GB/month 5000 GB/month 5000 GB/month Unlimited
Server Management Included Included Included Included Included
IPs 4 4 4 4 4
Exim Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sending Limit Aprox 20000 + Emails Per hour Aprox 30000 + Emails Per hour Aprox 50000 + Emails Per hour Aprox 100, 000 + Emails Per hour Aprox 200, 000 + Emails Per hour
OS CentOS 32bit CentOS 32bit CentOS 64bit CentOS 64bit CentOS 64bit
Control Panel WHM/Cpanel WHM/Cpanel WHM/Cpanel WHM/Cpanel WHM/Cpanel
Setup Fee Free Free Free Free Free
Monthly Fee $250 $400 $600 $800 1000$
Order Now Order Now Order Now Order Now Order Now Order Now